The Undercurrent is 50% Wendy Chuah and 50% Paul Zielinski. As their name suggests, despite their disparate and often contrary musical tastes, an underlying force allows the duo to meet in the in-between to create a soulful, dreamy indie pop sound with a distinctive California vibe.

Cleverly combining driving beats, layered guitar riffs, memorable melodies, and tying them all together with heartfelt lyrics is what The Undercurrent does best.

As a versatile multi-instrumentalist and producer, Paul is able to both craft and record complex guitar parts, compelling bass lines, and dynamic drum beats, whilst maintaining a keen ear for detail and balance. Wendy's expressive and soulful voice spans an impressive range, showcasing a deep scope of emotional nuance, translated into meaningful songwriting. Wendy's vocal abilities fit perfectly into Paul's meticulously-crafted grooves.

Together, they've assembled a unique sound which manages to blend the most prominent features of their distinct musical lineages and genre preferences.